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The Mystical Package

A golf package you don't want to underestimate
Mystical - Golf Packages in Myrtle Beach

One thing is certain – the Mystical golf package is one that lives up to its name. Strategy is the name of the game in this package featuring courses such as Man O' War, the Witch, and the Wizard.


With taxing obstacles, odd elevations, and tricky layouts, each of the courses in this golf package must be approached with a masterful eye for the big picture. Journey from the wetlands to the waterways in this unique set of creative challenges – just don't underestimate them because of their beauty!

Golf Courses Included:
Courses in this package have been awarded:
  • #47 Top 50 Courses in Myrtle Beach - (Man O' War)
  • #37 Top 50 Courses in Myrtle Beach - (Witch)
  • 4-Star Rating from Golf Digest - (Wizard)

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