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The Golf Master & the GolfTripGenius pair up to offer our golfers a FREE golf vacation service

The Author: Craig Chinn
Published: February 15th, 2012
Last Updated: April 28th, 2014

If you haven’t heard of GolfTripGenius before, then you are in for a treat. It’s a “genius” plan (yea, pun intended) that offers a one-of-a-kind service that allows golf captains to quickly and easily manage their golf groups from ONE central spot. No more phone calls to each member, no more sharing photos on multiple websites, no more sending out course date rosters to the entire group. It’s all in a centralized location, and it’s free. recently paired up with to offer their “Basic Edition” plan absolutely free to all our golf groups of 4 or more.  Any time you book a golf trip with us,  you will automatically receive an invitation to register for in the GolfTripGenius.  You (the golf captain) don’t have to do ANYTHING, except enter in your player’s names and emails.   You can then use any of the Basic features of GolfTripGenius in order to organize the perfect Myrtle Beach golf vacation for your buddies.

GolfTripGenius can accommodate golf groups of 4 to 40.  Fast and flawless way to organize your foursomes, help design and administer tournaments, manage group expenses, build a trip book, provide messaging among players and a way to view all trip logistics. You get features like:

Perfect pairings…. Create perfectly optimized golf  trip pairings for your golf group in seconds. Pair your guys together by different criteria

Trip logistics…. When players accept the invitation, they can enter all their info like handicaps, travel arrangements, cell numbers, emergency contacts, rental plans, and a slew of other things

Trip book…. Keep everything in the same spot! Tee sheets, tournament details, and scorecards, as well as the social stuff – captain’s letter, player profiles, photos selected by the captain, photos of the trip destination, photos from last year’s trip, or any other pics. (available with “Genius Edition” for a small fee)

Tournament manager….  Captains can set up a variety of different tournaments, quickly enter scores for the rounds, and generate a detailed leaderboard, point summary and shot statistics summary. (available as with “Genius Edition” for a small fee)

Trip accounting…. The Trip Accountant provides a highly intelligent, easy-to-use solution to help eliminate the trip expenses hassle (available with “Genius Edition” for a small fee)


This is an exciting new way to enhance your Myrtle Beach golf trip.  If you decide not to use it, that’s fine! No obligation! And no, your emails won’t be added to those nasty spam lists out there.  It’s safe with us!

Take a test drive and check out the features.

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