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Robbie Byers

The Byers name may not be well known yet, he has still left his mark on Myrtle Beach

As is sometimes the case with golf architects, sometimes the mantle of designer is passed from father to son. Such was the case with Robert Trent Jones passing the designing torch to his son Rees Jones, and the same is true for Charles Byers Jr. handing the design keys to his son Robbie Byers.

With the keys to the kingdom so to speak, Robbie Byers made the goal of designing the Crown Park golf course in Myrtle Beach so it was playable, straightforward and fun for the golfer.

This introduction to the Grand Strand for Robbie Byers hit the mark according to several golf architects and golf course critics. One of the biggest decisions made by Byers was to create a golf course that was not only world-class, but affordable for the average golfer to come to and to play on. He did not want to design a course only the rich could play, and he wanted a great course for the average person, not a poor course for the average person.

Featuring undulating Tife Eagle greens and fairways that conform to the natural pine forest surroundings through all 27-holes. Featuring three nines called The Sapphire, The Emerald and The Garnet, the course is a must-play for all levels of golfers who want to play a course that is affordable and fun to play on. Complete with a spacious clubhouse that has everything a golfer could love, no golf visit is complete without stopping at this Myrtle Beach golf course.

The name of Robbie Byers may not be well-known yet, but if his first course is any indication, there is a good chance that in the coming decades the name of Robbie Byers will be known for great courses that are affordable and fun to play. The product of a new generation of golfers who believe all golf courses should be playable by anyone, and all costs should be low, Robbie Byers is leading the way with his innovative methods of golf design. With his father passing him the keys to the golf course architecture kingdom, the future of golf courses has a bright light heading into the 21st century.

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