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Thank you for visiting our website. The privacy policy will discuss how we intend on using the personal information that is requested from you. We intend to describe how we keep your information safe and secure. If any of these policies are changed, you will be notified by us in full detail of the mentioned changes. Feel free to stay updated and review the privacy policy every time you visit the site.

Always read the privacy policy when dealing with an outside source. When linked to another website, be sure to review their privacy policy because ours is not applied at that point.

We obtain this personal information in order to personalize your experience as a client. This allows us to adhere to your personal needs. Improving the website is very important to us, and your information helps us to do so. We would also like to keep you updated and process transactions to provide the ultimate convenient experience.

We do collect personal information such as addresses, e-mail addresses, and names when, and only when, it is voluntarily submitted. This information is only used according to the guidelines you allow us to use it in. We will keep this information private unless necessary by reasons discussed later in this article.

We may use cookie tracking technology within this site as well. When you visit our site, we may use this to gather information such as your browser type or operating system. We may also track the number of visitors in order to understand how they are using the site. This allows us to keep the site updated and provide the ultimate experience for our viewers. Cookie tracking may cause your information to be shared with third parties.

There are three reason why your information may be shared with governmental agencies or other companies during investigations with fraud prevention. (1) When required by law, we may share your information. (2) When we are trying to prevent fraud or unauthorized transactions. (3) When the investigation of fraud has already taken place. These are the only reasons, and marketing purposes would not be a reason we would share your information.

We are committed to data security. Your information will only be shared with authorized personnel, such as employees, agents, and contractors. When contacted by our company, via phone or email, you have the option to opt out from further contact.

Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about this privacy policy. We have provided the information needed to do so.