Direct Flights to Myrtle Beach

Sometimes flying is the only way to go...

Flights to Myrtle Beach,SC

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has been rapidly growing as one of America's favorite golf and family vacation hot spots. Because of this increase, more and more airlines are offering direct flights to accommodate travelers across the country. If driving isn't your thing, and you're looking for direct flights to Myrtle Beach, we've done the legwork to find you an accurate list.

Non-stop Flights to Myrtle Beach International Airport:

From Duration Airlines Airport Code
Allentown, PA 1h 35m Allegiant ABE
Atlanta, GA 1h 20m Delta, Spirit ATL
Atlantic City, NJ 1h 24m Spirit AIY
Boston, MA 1h 59m Spirit BOS
Charleston, WV 1h 15m Spirit CRW
Charlotte, NC 0h 53m US Airways, United CLT
Chicago, IL 2h 1m Spirit, United ORD / RFD
Dallas, TX -- Spirit DFW
Detroit, MI 1h 50m Delta, Spirit DTT
Fort Lauderdale, FL 1h 40m Spirit FLL
Fort Wayne, IN 1h 35m Allegiant FWA
Grand Rapids, MI 1h 55m Allegiant GRR
Huntington, WV 1h 15m Allegiant HTS
Knoxville, TN 1h 5m Allegiant TYS
Latrobe, PA 1h 15m Spirit LBE
New York, NY 1h 58m Spirit, Continental LGA
Niagara Falls, NY 1h 45m Spirit IAG
Philadelphia, PA 1h 37m US Airways PHL
Plattsburgh, NY 2h 5m Spirit PLB
Toronto, ON 2h 0m Porter YTZ
Washington D.C., DC 1h 25m Spirit, US Airways DCA
Youngstown, OH 1h 30m Allegiant YNG

Cheap Flights to Myrtle Beach

During your search, you may find that direct flights may be full, or too pricey for your budget, so we've provided you with 2 alternatives for cheap flights to Myrtle Beach. These options may include a short drive to get you to where you need to be, but the money you save may be well worth it.

DIRECT FLIGHT OPTION #1: Fly into Charleston,SC (for those of you staying in Myrtle Beach)

Flying directly into Charelston, SC can prove to be a less expensive alternative to flying directly into Myrtle Beach International Airport. The drive to Myrtle Beach from Charleston is approx. 2 hours depending on traffic and weather conditions. Visit Charleston Airport's Website

DIRECT FLIGHT OPTION #2: Fly into Wilmington,NC (for those of you staying in North Myrtle Beach)

Wilmington, NC is also a great alternative for those who'll be lodging in the North Myrtle Beach area. Wilmington is approx. a 1 hour commute to the North Myrtle Beach area. Visit Wilmington Airport's Website

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