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New Golf Packages for the 2014 Myrtle Beach Season

The Author: NMBG Staff
Published: January 21st, 2014
Last Updated: October 5th, 2022

The beginning of the year brings about change for everyone.  Whether you have made plans to become healthier, wealthier, or wiser is up to you.  The Myrtle Beach golf industry has decided to make some changes of its own to accomplish some of these tasks.  New packages and changes to existing packages have been made to help you get more out of your golf vacation in 2014.

The first three weeks in January are the busiest weeks for quoting Spring golf here along the Grand Strand.  After these three weeks, the majority of the peak tee times at some of the most demanded golf courses will have already been taken.  Make sure you get your quotes in early to ensure the best accommodations and tee times for your group.  Even though the first three weeks of the year are the busiest, you can take advantage of accommodation specials as early as October of the previous year.  Golf rates are usually announced early so this will be the best time to save the most money on your vacation.

As I stated earlier, the golf courses have listened to you the golfer and here is a run down of what is new and exciting for 2014 in alphabetical order:

Myrtle Beach Barefoot Resort Davis Love Course

Barefoot Love Course


Barefoot Resort is offering a special for booking golf on any Wednesday as well as offering huge discounts for booking Fall early.  They also have a special if you play three of their courses you get the fourth round free.



Big Cats Courses at Ocean Ridge Plantation

Ocean Ridge Golf


The Big Cats are now offering lunch with their 4-round package as well as allowing the golfer to play all 4 rounds in the AM.  This is a change from the 2013 package and gives the golfer more incentive to book their courses.



Founder's Club at Pawley's Island

Founder’s Club at Pawley’s Island


The Classic Package has undergone changes as well.  In the past, they offered a package where you play four rounds and you automatically get free replays.  This year they have a simple 3 or 4- round package without replays or they have a package that offers a cheaper rate for playing just in the PM.  Classic has also partnered with East Coast Golf Management to help boost their individual course bookings since their four current courses are located so far apart.



River's Edge Golf

River’s Edge Golf


East Coast Golf Management is the new big surprise here along the Grand Strand.  This company offers 2, 3, 4, and 5-round packages that include drinks, meals, discounts in pro shops in addition to free golf balls when booking their packages.  East Coast now has 22 courses along the Grand Strand and continues to  grow.



Myrtle Beach Glen Dornoch

Glen Dornoch


The Glen’s Group is again offering their 3+5 package — pay for 3 rounds and the 4th round is free as well as pre-booked replays after 1:30 PM.  New for this year and to entice you even more, lunch is included with your round of golf.



Myrtle Beach Legends Golf

Legend’s Clubhouse


The Legend’s Group has had much success with their 5-round (or 4+1) package and will continue to offer this throughout 2014.  Buffet breakfast, lunch, and two beers are included with your rounds of golf at any of their courses.



Myrtle Beach King's North

King’s North


The National Group released the Prime Time Rewards Package last Fall and it was a huge success. This package has been extended into the Spring season and is already the most requested package.  Look for additional offerings in this package for the upcoming Fall season.



Hopefully this will give you, the golfer, a little insight into what Myrtle Beach has to offer in the Spring of 2014.  There is value out there, just ask and we can set your group up with a golf package that fits your needs.

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