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Frost Delays for Myrtle Beach Golfers

Monday, November 2nd, 2009
Golf Frost Damage to Green

The picture above shows the actual foot print patters of ONE foursome playing the hole like normal. The grass is damaged beyond repair now.

The fall golf season in Myrtle Beach is here, with that comes the cooler weather. With the cooler weather, also comes those chilly mornings were the golf course could experience FROST.

What is frost? Where does it come from? Why cant we play while frost is present? Hopefully I can answer some of these questions for you.

Frost is frozen due that has crystallized on the grass. Since grass blades are about 90% water, when a frost occurs, the blades of grass also freeze. Since all golfers like to hit off of carpet like fairways and putt on good greens, golf course turf is cut lower than the grass in your yard, walking on frost covered grass can cause SERIOUS damage to the golf course. In fact, you would not know how much damage it has done, because it typically takes 48-72 hours when the grass blades start turning brown and die. You are already done playing that course. One person takes approximately 60 paces on a green. Multiply that by 18 holes with an average of 200 rounds per day and the result is 216,000 footprints on greens in a day or 6,480,000 in a month or 77,760,000 footprints in a year.

Frost delays can last 10 minutes to over 2 hours. For more Myrtle Beach golf tweets and retweets follow me on twitter at