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Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings – October 2011

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

TPC of Myrtle beach is our #3 for Oct. 2011.

We hope that everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. Although I saw my far share of scary costumes last night, there is nothing scarier than a 3 foot putt that breaks left and right for all the skins. With that said, we move on to November which happens to be @mbgolfpro’s favorite fall golf month in Myrtle Beach.

 Maybe its because im a fan of the contoured over-seeding, or maybe the fact that the golf courses should be in the best conditions or maybe its the great Myrtle Beach golf weather.

Moving on with the Top Ten Myrtle Beach Golf Courses for October 2011. Again these top ten courses are voted by visitors to the website. We have a newcommer to the rankings that happens to be one of my favorite courses! Let’s get started.

1. Bald Head Island – Remains #1 for the second consecutive month.

2. Caledonia – Remains #2 for the second consecutive month. Great views of the marsh lands on the finishing hole.

3. TPC of Myrtle Beach – Former host of the Senior Tour Championship

4. Dunes Club – One of the only courses on the Grand Strand that has an Ocean View.

5. Barefoot – Dye Club – Home to the Monday after the Masters, this course is a BEAST!

6. Thistle – Known for conditions, the 27-hole Tim Cate design arguably has the best greens on the beach day in and day out.

7. True Blue – Sister course of #2 Caledonia, should be the brother course because it is tuff.

8. Willbrook – Historic plantation course, Maples hit the jackpot with this design.

9. Pawley`s Plantation – One of the only courses in Myrtle Beach with a double green. Great views of the marshlands.

10. Reserve Club at St. James Plantation – Welcome to the Top 10. @mbgolfpro favorite course at St. James Plantation. This is a great Nicklaus design, one of three on the Grand Strand.

Don’t forget to rank your favorite golf courses as well! We need your input!

That is your Top Ten Myrtle Beach Golf Courses for the month of October 2011.



Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings for July 2011

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
Bald Head Island Top Golf Course

Bald Head Island in North Carolina is one of the top 10 golf courses this month.


Since I started publishing a monthly article of  the “Top 10 Myrtle Beach Golf Courses” five months ago, it has quickly become one of our most read blog topics! My June article had the most visits and the most votes for the courses. The feedback that I get from and our Facebook Page NorthMyrtleBeachGolf has been great.

I have also been asked to write a monthly article and rank every golf course on the Grand Strand. While that is something that will be done down the line, the Top 10 is great, because these are very close to my own personal rankings.

The following is the Top 10 Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach for the Month of July 2011.

These rankings are compiled from visitors voting on the website.

Barefoot Fazio was knocked out this month but I do expect them back after the new green switch from Bent Grass to Mini Verde. Tidewater Golf Plantation is also welcomed back in the Top 10.

1. Barefoot Dye – #1 for two consecutive months after knocking off the World Famous Dunes Club.

2. Caledonia – #2 for two consecutive months.

3. Bald Head Island – #3 for two consecutive months.

4. Dunes Club – Up one spot from June.

5. Pawleys Plantation – Down one spot from #4.

6. TPC of Myrtle Beach – Up one spot from #7.

7. Tidewater – Back in the Top 10.

8. Willbrook – Up one spot from #9 after making its debut last month.

9. Thistle – Dropped three spots from #6 after its debut in the Top 10 last month.

10. Pearl East – Down two spots from #8.


Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings for June 2011

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


With the Summer heat rising higher and higher here in Golf Town, USA so does the popularity of  our Top 10 Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings. I have had tons of positive feedback via twitter, (you can follow me @mbgolfpro) on the rankings on the courses. The following is the Top 10 Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach for the Month of June 2011. These rankings are compiled from visitors voting on the website.

We have two new-comers to the Top 10! Pawley`s Plantation and Willbrook Plantation with a new #1 in Barefoot Dye and two courses back in the Top 10 after being knocked out, Barefoot Fazio and Pearl East are back. We lost four great courses out of the Top 10 but with out a doubt they will be back. Heritage Club, World Tour, Glen Dornoch and True Blue all dropped out of the Top 10.

1. Barefoot – Dye – The New #1

2. Caledonia – Moved up from #5

3. Bald Head Island – Still moving up, Moved from #4 last month.

4. Pawley`s Plantation – New to the list jumping all the way up to #4

5. Dunes Club – “Down Goes Frazier” after being #1 for three straight months, still my favorite course.

6. Thistle – Made its debut last month at #9 and moved up quickly to #6

7. TPC of Myrtle Beach – dropped down one spot from #6

8. Pearl East – Back in the Top 10 after being bumped out in May. Welcome Back.

9. Willbrook Plantation – Making its Top 10 debut in the Top 10

10. Barefoot Fazio – Back in Top 10 after being knocked out for two months.