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Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings – January 2012

Monday, February 6th, 2012


Another month has passed us by, leading to yet another month of results for  top Myrtle Beach golf courses for January 2012. Thus far, Winter in Myrtle Beach has been everything but, as days have been in the 60`s and 70`s which is about 14 degrees higher than average. Slightly freakish, but highly beneficial to those of you who have already decided to join us this year for your golf trip .

Golf courses along the Grand Strand have been in excellent shape, and with the optimal weather conditions we’ve been having the transition for the grasses should be very smooth.

Now let’s get down to business and on to our rankings:

1. TPC of Myrtle Beach – #1 for two consecutive months. Home of PGA Star Dustin Johnson

2. True Blue – The Real “Blue Monster” @mbgolfpro`s favorite Mike Stranz design.

3. Willbrook Plantation – Jumped to #1 for 3 days the month of January. This course prides themselves in customer service and excellent upkeep.

4. Caledonia – Golfers from all over tend to like this Mike Stranz design. Great conditions and scenic marsh views. Last 3-holes are great to finish your round.

5. Barefoot – Fazio – New greens have improved the course making it the fans favorite at the 4-course Barefoot Resort.

6. Thistle – Considered by many to have the best greens in Myrtle Beach. Voters seem to agree.

7. Myrtle Beach National – Kings North – One of the most requested golf courses on the Grand Strand. Three signature holes called The Gambler, The Island Green & The Bullseye

8. Reserve Club at St James – This private Jack Nicklaus design is starting to get recognized as one of the elite courses on the Grand Strand. Well deserving of a top 10 ranking.

9. Bald Head Island – The 4.2 million dollar renovation has put this Tim Cate re-design in the top 10 list. Accessible only by Ferry.

10. Barefoot – Dye – Hosting the famous Hootie and the Blowfish, “Monday after the Masters”. ESPN`s radio`s MIKE and MIKE will be broadcasting their morning show from this are golf course.

The top 10 Myrtle Beach golf course rankings are always voted for by the golfers themselves. I’d like to thank all of our wonderful customers and followers who’ve contributed to make the rankings possible.

We enjoy giving all of our customers and followers a voice, so if you’ve stayed and played with us, or have just randomly stumbled onto our blog, please feel free to contribute and rate local Myrtle Beach golf courses.

Until next time, Fairways and Greens.

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Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings December 2011

Thursday, January 5th, 2012
TPC is the #1 This Month

Ole MBGolfPro Hitten’ em Straight on TPC golf course


I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season to end the 2011 year. Now that we are in a new year, the Myrtle Beach Golf Spring 2012 season is just right around the corner.  With the Spring 2012 golf season comes great golf packages, great golf weather, and great courses to play. While picking your golf courses for your next golf trip. I hope that everyone will take a look at our Top Golf Course Rankings. Like always, voted BY the golfers themselves.

As I predicted at in the Top Golf Rankings November blog, the spring times are filling up fast.  I guess my readers took the advice on “Do Not Sand Bag” your golf trip! Now, on to our December 2011 rankings.


1. TPC of Myrtle Beach – The New #1, the only Myrtle Beach Golf Course with a 5-star ranking from Golf Digest

2. True Blue – Moved to #2 after golfers loved the fall golf season conditions on this Mike Stranz design,

3. Willbrook – debuted in our Top 10 in June 2011, Has not looked back. One of the most MBN courses

4. Caledonia – One of five golf courses that have been voted Top 10 every month. Excellent Golf Course

5. Bald Head Island – Tied with the Dunes Club for Most #1`s in 2011

6. Thistle – Golfers love the immaculate putting surfaces and conditions at this 27-hole Tim Cate design,

7. Barefoot – Fazio – The Champion Ultra Dwarf has been a big upgrade. Fall Golfers voted and agree.

8. Barefoot – Dye – Hosting “Mike and Mike” from ESPN Radio and the “Monday After the Masters”.

9.  Kings North  – Voted into the Top 10 in November. Great course for golfers of all levels. Another most requested course on our MBN packages.

10. Dunes Club – Tied with Bald Head Island for the most #1 votes in 2011.


There you have it the Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings December 2011. Don’t forget that Spring 2012 tee times are going fast.

As Always, Fairways and Greens




Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings – November 2011

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
True Blue Golf Course - 18th Hole

Ranked #4, True Blue located in Pawley's Island

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends, I certainly know I did.  The weather here in Myrtle Beach has been absolutely amazing. We have had days in the low 70`s which is a little warmer than we are used to at this time of the year. The bad thing about the great weather this late into the Fall 2011 Golf Season is that it may cause the “real” winter to stick around longer taking up some time in February.

Overall, we have been receiving great reports about golf course conditions for the fall. We should see this trend continue in the spring as well. (Hint hint) Tee-times are starting to fill up for the spring 2012, so you better start booking soon! Do not sand-bag on your golf trip!

With that said, let’s get to our Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course rankings for November 2011.

1. Bald Head Island – #1 for the third consecutive month. The renovation paid off!

2. TPC of Myrtle Beach – Tom Fazio and Lanny Wadkins design.

3. Barefoot – Dye Club – Home of the “Monday after Masters” Celebrity Golf Event.

4. True Blue – Has moved past its sister course Caledonia in the rankings.

5. Willbrook – Voted Top 50 courses for Woman by Golf Digest. Moved up three spots from last month.

6. Caledonia – Dropped four spots from the #2 ranking.

7. Thistle – Designed by Tim Cate, who also did the RE-design for our #1 ranked course, Bald Head Island

8. Dunes Club – Still a favorite on the Strand.

9. Barefoot – Fazio – Course was almost destroyed by a wildfire in 2009. With the New Greens, nothing can stop it now.

10. King`s North – Home of three of the most famous holes in Myrtle Beach. The Gambler, The Island Green and the Bullseye.

Make sure to vote for your favorite golf course on our rankings page.

As always, “Fairways and Greens”,

Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings – October 2011

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

TPC of Myrtle beach is our #3 for Oct. 2011.

We hope that everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. Although I saw my far share of scary costumes last night, there is nothing scarier than a 3 foot putt that breaks left and right for all the skins. With that said, we move on to November which happens to be @mbgolfpro’s favorite fall golf month in Myrtle Beach.

 Maybe its because im a fan of the contoured over-seeding, or maybe the fact that the golf courses should be in the best conditions or maybe its the great Myrtle Beach golf weather.

Moving on with the Top Ten Myrtle Beach Golf Courses for October 2011. Again these top ten courses are voted by visitors to the website. We have a newcommer to the rankings that happens to be one of my favorite courses! Let’s get started.

1. Bald Head Island – Remains #1 for the second consecutive month.

2. Caledonia – Remains #2 for the second consecutive month. Great views of the marsh lands on the finishing hole.

3. TPC of Myrtle Beach – Former host of the Senior Tour Championship

4. Dunes Club – One of the only courses on the Grand Strand that has an Ocean View.

5. Barefoot – Dye Club – Home to the Monday after the Masters, this course is a BEAST!

6. Thistle – Known for conditions, the 27-hole Tim Cate design arguably has the best greens on the beach day in and day out.

7. True Blue – Sister course of #2 Caledonia, should be the brother course because it is tuff.

8. Willbrook – Historic plantation course, Maples hit the jackpot with this design.

9. Pawley`s Plantation – One of the only courses in Myrtle Beach with a double green. Great views of the marshlands.

10. Reserve Club at St. James Plantation – Welcome to the Top 10. @mbgolfpro favorite course at St. James Plantation. This is a great Nicklaus design, one of three on the Grand Strand.

Don’t forget to rank your favorite golf courses as well! We need your input!

That is your Top Ten Myrtle Beach Golf Courses for the month of October 2011.



Top Myrtle Beach Golf Course Rankings – August 2011

Thursday, September 1st, 2011
Caledonia Golf Course

Caledonia Golf Course took over the #1 golf course spot for August.

Feedback is key when you are picking the best golf courses in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Luckily, the easy star ranking system we have implemented on let’s the golfer rank the course, AND comment on it, providing feedback to all the other golfers out there in need of assistance picking out the best courses.

Like we’ve said in the past, these top golf courses blog posts have been highly trafficked and we’ve been getting lots of good feedback, so we’ll keep ’em coming!  Don’t forget though, if you need extra help picking a golf course for your budget, feel free to give me a call or head over to our Myrtle Beach Golf Course list.

After two consecutive months at the #1 position, the Barefoot Dye course slipped in rankings, with Caledonia sliding up and taking it’s spot.

1. Caledonia –  This Mike Strantz design in Pawley’s Island finally rose to the #1 slot.

2. Bald Head Island – Noted for it’s seclusion, only reachable by ferry. Moved up from #3.

3. Dunes Club – Former #1, immaculate condition at the moment, but still couldn’t overcome #1 and #2.

4. Barefoot Dye – Was #1 for two consecutive months. This is hard course to tackle as some votes may show.

5. Pawley’s Plantation – Jack Nichlous design holding it’s own at the #5 position again.

6. TPC of Myrtle Beach – Tom Fazio and Lanny Watkins design still graces us with it’s top 10 presence.

7. Tidewater – This Little River, SC course also considered “best of the beach” with it’s great marsh views.

8. Pearl East – Moved up from #10 and should stay in the top 10 once it re-opens in October with new mini-verde greens.

9. True Blue – The sister course of the new #1 Caledonia (also designed by Mike Strantz)

10. Willbrook Plantation – One of the local favorites for being a great course in Pawley’s Island (and a top 50 in the country for women).


There you have it! Another month of top results at your finger tips. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter at @mbgolfpro or subscribe to this blog’s golf  rss feed.